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RUMOR: Insta360 Pro will have 7k to 10k resolution

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Insta360 is working on some interesting cameras.  A couple of months ago, Insta360 released the Nano, a 360 camera for the iPhone, which has been very well received.  Then there was the news about Insta360 Stereo (a 3D hemispherical camera), the Insta360 Air for Android, and the intriguing Insta360 Pro.

Thus far, we know the Insta360 Pro is designed to compete  with the GoPro Omni, a 6-camera rig with 8k resolution favored by professionals.  The Omni can record at an amazing 7940 x 3970 @ 30fps or 5638 x 2819 @ 60fps.

Today, I received information from a reliable source that the Insta360 Pro could have resolution as high as 7k to 10k!  If this turns out to be true, it would be the highest-resolution 360 video camera for prosumers.

You might be wondering: even if the Insta360 Pro could capture 7k to 10k, there are very few monitors that have that kind of resolution.  Fortunately, when viewing 360 videos in a VR headset, you’re only viewing a crop of the video at any given time.  Therefore, it should be possible for headset with 2k resolution to view a 360 video with such high resolution.

One concern I do have is framerate.  There are some 360 cameras that boast a high resolution but the framerate is quite low.  I hope the Insta360 Pro can have at least 24fps, if not 30fps at its maximum framerate.

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