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RUMOR: Is Samsung working on a drone with a built-in 360 camera?

I’m skeptical of this rumor but I’m passing it along anyway: an Instagram user posted purported photos of a drone labeled Samsung that appears to be equipped with a 360 camera.

The photos are by Instagram user @drone_holic.  The photos purport to show a drone with a built-in 360 camera.  Here are the photos:

If I had to guess, I would think it’s not real.  I think it’s fake because:

– If Samsung were to create a drone with a 360 camera, it seems to make sense to use the Gear 360 instead of multiple cameras / lenses.

– It doesn’t make sense to have so many cameras and lenses when inexpensive one hemispherical lens can do the same job for much less.

– The camera mount is labeled “gimbal” even though there is no gimbal.

Anyway, if Samsung really did create a drone with a 360 camera, they would probably reveal it on March 29, when they announce the Samsung S8 and probably the Gear 360 Pro, the successor to the popular Samsung Gear 360.

Thank you to Karol Kowalski for bringing this to my attention!

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