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RUMOR: Is this the new Ricoh Theta? Ricoh Theta SC specifications leaked

A Japanese camera blog called Nokishita claims to have the specifications for a new Theta camera called the Ricoh Theta SC.

Nokishita had previously found that Ricoh registered the “Theta SC” name in Russia, in addition to registering Theta S.
The supposed specs are as follows:
  • Color: White Beige Blue Pink
  • Image pickup device: 1 / 2.3 (× 2)
  • Effective pixels: about 14M
  • Lens configuration, F value: seven group 6, F2.0
  • Still image resolution
  • L: 5376 × 2688
  • M: 2048 × 1024
  • Video resolution / frame rate / bit rate
  • L: 1920×1080 / 30fps / 16Mbps
  • M: 1280×720 / 15fps / 6Mbps
  • ISO sensitivity: ISO100 ~ 1600 (still image), ISO100 ~ 1600 (video)
  • shutter speed
  • Still image: 1/8000 seconds to 1/8 seconds, 1/8000 to 60 seconds (manual mode)
  • Video: 1/8000 sec to 1/30 seconds (L), 1/8000 sec-1/15 seconds (M)
  • Built-in memory: about 8GB
  • Shooting distance: about 10cm ~ ∞
  • Power supply: Lithium-ion battery (built-in)
  • Battery life: about 260 sheets
  • External interface: microUSB (USB2.0)
  • Dimensions: 45.2mm (width) × 130.6mm (height) × 22.9mm (depth)
  • Weight: about 102g
  • Price is cheaper than THETA S
The specifications are identical to the Theta S except:
– it is available in white, beige, blue or pink
– the weight is 102g whereas the Theta S is 125g.
Given that the specs are almost identical, it seems that the only reason for the Theta SC is to create a lower-cost version of the Theta S, perhaps to target casual or first-time users.  This raises a further question about Ricoh’s plans for the Theta S. If the Theta SC is virtually identical and costs less, then it seems the Theta S would have to be replaced or phased out.

Nokishita believes the Theta SC will be announced as early as next week.