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RUMOR: Is this the Ricoh Theta 4K’s new processor? Possible advanced features

Ricoh Theta 4K is real
Ricoh Theta 4K is real

Socionext, a joint venture between Fujitsu and Panasonic, has created the SC2000 Milbeaut Image Processor with advanced functions that include realtime 360 stitching from multiple cameras, built-in image stabilization, and rolling shutter correction.  I’m speculating that it might also be the processor in the new Ricoh Theta 4K.

The SC2000 has several advanced features.  The processor can stitch videos from four cameras into a 4K 30fps video in realtime.  That is simply amazing.  To put this into perspective, the Teradek Sphere stitches four video signals into a 4k 24fps video in realtime, and it costs $2,990.  The tiny SC2000 seems to be able to do the same thing.

SC2000 realtime stitching

Here is a video demonstrating this capability:

Here is the 360 video from that demo:

The SC2000 can also process full HD at 240fps.

Furthermore, the SC2000 can combine two exposures into an HDR photo or video, up to full HD resolution at 30fps.


Finally, the SC2000 can also enhance low light images, reducing the noise and making the image much clearer.  This mode can be used together with the HDR mode.


OK so where do I get the idea that this might be the processor for the Theta 4K?  The Ricoh Theta m15 and Theta S both used Fujitsu Milbeaut processors.  The SC2000 was announced in January at CES 2017, and the announcement about the 4K Theta was made on April 20, which is sufficient time for them to have evaluated whether the SC2000 could be used for a 4K version of the Theta.

There’s no question the SC2000 is capable of stitching 4K video in realtime for the Theta.  The only question is whether Ricoh chose this processor or not.  Given that they’ve been using Milbeaut processors for previous versions of the Theta, it seems feasible that they would indeed use this processor.

If Ricoh did use the SC2000, then it’s possible that it would have the following features:

– realtime stitching (possibly in addition to a separate mode for optical flow stitching with higher quality)
– built-in image stabilization
– slow motion 240fps at 1920 x 960
– HDR video at 1920 x 960
– low light mode

These would be in addition to the 4K video and 4K live streaming that have already been announced.  What do you think?  Does it sound plausible?  If the Theta did have these features, what do you think of them?

Thank you very much to Tony Anastasi for bringing this to my attention!

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  • +360 Rumors I think I will rest with my Xiaomi until 2018. So much is happening to the 360 gag. Very interesting and amazing things. Almost every week a new camera or a better camera is released. I predict that the top of consumer cameras at a price that is OK will be in autumn of 2018. Then the “hype” will slow down and we’ll see what cameras will survive in the long run. Unfortunately, many manufacturers try to ride on this “hype” and throw out reasonable cameras just to grab the money that’s in it for the moment. That’s what happened to 3D cams a couple of years ago. What happened was that all of us that is interested in 3D built our own 3D cameras in the end. I bought 2x LGCAMS when they was announced to make 360 3D videos. But now -one year later- they’re out of support and we’re stuck with low res cameras with awful bad stitching software. I like the Garmin virb. Fantastic camera. I’m not impressed by the GoPro 360 cam. I adore the Insta360 Pro. I hate the Gear 360 2017 cam…soo…let’s wait a year and let’s see what’s coming up at that time… I would guess a 3 lens camera, probably around 6K, with built in stabilizer and a nice PC software to stitch the footage – at a reasonable price. So, if I don’t drown my Xiaomi like Ben did by mistake I will keep on to that cam for one more year to see what’s coming up.

    • Hi Ulf. Yes I know what you mean. The pace at which 360 cameras is being launched can exhaust anyone. It’s not possible for the average shooter to have the latest and greatest all the time. But regardless of what is released in the future, you do have a great camera and that’s what matters. 🙂

      • Hi Mic! Yes, you understand what I mean. It’s like when I patented a high contrast screen (my invention) and everyone (including home theater magazines) talked about how that screen would perform with super high class projectors…
        I still use my screen as a TV (90″) day and night with the best projector ever made…a simple Epson TW2900 ($1300 at the time). I did also buy a $2600 projector but frankly the Epson performs much better in my daily life…the more expensive projector has been used like maby 10h and the Epson like 8000h at the moment. It’s not about the price…it’s about the performance in the every day life that counts. Trustable. Workable. Simple and easy to use. And it’s the same with cameras. I love my 4K Sony cam. I love my 2xSamsung “3D” cam (DIY) and I think I love my Xiaomi 360 cam as well 🙂