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RUMOR: Ricoh Theta V adds microphone input jack

The 4K Ricoh Theta is real!
The 4K Ricoh Theta is real!

Mirrorlessrumors spotted an FCC filing for the Ricoh Theta V, which seems to have a microphone jack.

Everyone is waiting for the Theta 4K, but in the meantime, it appears Ricoh will release another version of the Theta called the Theta V.

Ricoh Theta V
Ricoh Theta V

According to photos submitted in the FCC filing, the Theta V looks very similar to the Theta S.  However, one critical difference is that it appears to have a microphone jack (it could also be an earphone jack but that is much less likely).  This would make the Theta V one of the few consumer 360 cameras with a microphone input.

Theta V has microphone input
Theta V has microphone input jack

A mic input would be useful only for video, and since video isn’t a strength of the Theta S due to its low video resolution, I’m beginning to wonder whether the Theta V is the Theta 4K.   If so, the photos here may actually be of the release version of the Theta 4K.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments!  Thank you very much to Upton North for bringing this to my attention!

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