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Rylo acquired by VSCO; will change focus

RYLO 360 camera hands-on first impressions by
RYLO 360 camera hands-on first impressions by

360 camera company Rylo was acquired by software company VSCO, and Rylo will shift focus from hardware to software.

Rylo’s eponymous 360 camera was the first to feature what I consider “2nd generation” stabilization.  It shocked the industry with its amazing stabilization, and inspired Insta360 and other competitors to improve their stabilization as well.  Rylo was also a pioneer of user interface and they were the first to add features such as object tracking and hyperlapse.  Their design heavily influenced Insta360 and the 360 industry in general.

Rylo had some success and attracted some users, but was ultimately held back by a higher price than competitors.  Later, Rylo found a way to increase the resolution substantially from 4K to 5.7K but the higher resolution was possible only on Mac, and they chose not to develop a Windows version of their app.

Following VSCO’s acquisition, Rylo will focus exclusively on software.  The cameras will continue to be available at Best Buy until supplies last.

Here is a post on VSCO’s website about the acquisition.

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  • Rylo was silent on social media since spring 2018.
    Not unespected.
    Small players cannot cope with big ones with steep innovation pace.

      • The question now for user if there will be at least basic support: app will be updated?
        See camera still retails at best buy for 199$ of 250$ on some “fulfilled by amazon” online retailers.

  • Rylo says its applications will be supported through 2020 and will continue to function after that, and they just pushed an update of its Android software (12/22/2019). Works fine on my Pixel 4 XL. Just wish they had developed a Windows desktop application (will have to buy a Mac mini just to use it on the desktop). I’m guessing with the VSCO acquisition for its development expertise that they won’t be able to open up the software behind its camera for someone else to pick it up.

    I had asked about Windows desktop software and did get a response from them pretty quickly.