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Rylo in-camera sharing: share 360 videos directly without downloading

Share directly with Rylo
Share directly with Rylo

Rylo (reviewed here) has just launched in-camera sharing, which enables users to edit and share their videos without having to download them first! This saves a lot of time but also saves space on their smartphones, since the unstitched files no longer have to be saved to their phones.

To got the new feature, just update your Rylo app (available on both iOS and Android).  Plug your Rylo to your camera using a cable.  Notice that you can now play videos in the gallery even if a video is still in the camera and hasn’t been downloaded.

IIRC, among cameras that have a memory card, Rylo and Insta360 One are the only cameras to have this capability as of July 2018.  In the case of the Insta360 ONE, if you make edits, the edits are stored in your phone.  I don’t know if Rylo stores the edits in your phone or in the Micro SD card in the camera.  I’ll try it out and update this post.  In any case, this is a very useful feature and I hope other cameras follow suit.

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