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Sample 16k 360 photos from the Panono

Sample 16k 360 photos from the Panono
Sample 16k 360 photos from the Panono

I wanted to share some shots I took with the Panono while on a trip over the weekend.
The Panono is the highest resolution 360 camera at the moment (not including the Staro, which seems to be impossible to order).  The Panono specs say its resolution is 108 megapixels, although full resolution equirectangular Panono files are 16,384 x 8,192.

Notwithstanding the high resolution and 36 lenses, it’s actually easier to shoot with the Panono than it sounds.  While you can use a monopod (with an adapter) you don’t strictly need one.  You can throw the Panono into the air and it will take a photo at the apogee of the throw.  This is the method I used to take the shots below.

Here are the sample shots from the Panono:

Note: the photos are slightly edited, mostly for contrast and slight adjustment to exposure.

As you can see, the photos from the Panono not only have amazing detail (don’t forget to zoom in) but they also have incredible dynamic range.  In fact, the dynamic range in the shots above are only the standard dynamic range.  You can use HDR mode to take true multi-exposure HDR (3 shots) for even wider dynamic range.

The Panono is available from B&H Photo for $1,999, with free shipping and free accessories.

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