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Samsung Gear 360 Waterproof Case Update PLUS New Accessories!!!

waterproof housing for Insta360 Nano
waterproof housing for Insta360 Nano

Now we have a photo of the waterproof housing for the Samsung Gear 360, and new accessories!


As you can see, it has buttons to enable you to continue to control the Samsung Gear 360.

The part number is EF-YC200BTEGWW (or EZ-C200H) and it is already in stock in at least one online retailer for CHF 85.86 (around USD 89.30). Other European stores are reporting that it will be available July 1.

Update: I haven’t seen this stocked anywhere anymore.  Instead, I use this waterproof pouch for the Gear 360.  Here is a sample with the waterproof pouch.  

2. DEDICATED REMOTE CONTROL and other accessories

There is also another accessory pack that includes:

  • a dedicated remote control
  • a selfie stick
  • a quick release mount that works on both flat and curved surfaces such as helmets

The Samsung Gear 360 can be controlled with the Gear 360 Manager, but a dedicated remote would be more compact.  It MIGHT also be waterproof – not sure yet.  To connect the Gear 360 to the remote, you would hold down the Menu button, then when “Gear 360 Manager” shows on the display, press the menu button to move to the next option which is Remote Control,  Then you press the shutter.  You’ll have 1 minute 30 seconds to turn on the remote for them to be paired.

The part number for the value pack is ET-YC200BBEGWW (or EZ-C200P) or and at least one retailer is offering it at CHF 49.90 (around USD 51.90).

A huge thanks to reader Floris de Best for spotting this and sharing this info with all of us!

UPDATE: Here is a brochure that confirms the accessories!  Thank you very much to reader Alex Caizergues for finding this and letting us know about it!  The brochure states that the maximum depth is 40 m according to this brochure

The brochure also gives an alternate part number for the spare battery as EZ-C200B!
8/20 UPDATE: The accessory kit is now available in the US.  See here.

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