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Samsung’s next-gen standalone VR headset ExynosVR III revealed

Samsung’s next-generation standalone VR headset was revealed by Visual Camp, which provided the eye-tracking technology for the headset.

Besides featuring eye-tracking, the headset also has face expression recognition, hand tracking, and voice recognition.  These capabilities make it possible to have a more natural interface.

The headset also uses the eye tracking for foveated rendering, which means that only the images that the user is looking at will be rendered at full resolution.  Everything else will be rendered in lower resolution, conserving processing power, battery life, and bandwidth without noticeable decrease in quality.

In terms of positional tracking, the headset uses depth sensors for inside-out tracking (you can see four circles in front of the visor), which makes it possible for the headset to determine its position in 3D space, relative to its surroundings without using an external marker or beacon.  I’m curious how well it works if there is movement in the surroundings.

No word yet on pricing or availability.