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Smashing the Battle for Oculus Rift and Gear VR: Arcade Hack and Slash

Smashing the Battle is an arcade hack and slash action game for the Gear VR and Oculus Rift.  It is a VR port of the eponymous game for PS4 and Steam, and features anime style graphics.

In this game, you choose from one of two heroines and battle your way against robots.  Each character has their own set of attacks.  There’s a basic attack, and some special attacks that use a character’s skill points.  As you defeat opponents, you gain points to increase your character’s attributes.  Each character has 30 levels to fight through.  In addition, there is a hardcore mode.

Here’s the trailer (note that the trailer shows gameplay from the Steam version):

In this VR version of the game, you view the level from a “god’s eye view,” and it looks like the characters are battling in a miniature world, similar to other games such as Herobound: Spirit Champion and Lucky’s Tale.

screenshot from Gear VR

In terms of comfort, the Oculus Rift version is rated ‘comfortable.’  However, the Gear VR version is rated ‘moderate’ because when the screen scrolls, it is very mildly nauseating, but it’s still pretty comfortable in my opinion.  Archer E. Bowman is more nauseating to me, and that one is rated comfortable.

The Gear VR version has simpler graphics compared to the Oculus Rift version but the gameplay is similar.  Here is a sample gameplay from the Gear VR (sorry, no audio):

The levels all have a similar look and the level design is very simple.  Although there is nothing really unique about Smashing the Battle, it’s fun for casual play.  I chose the Gear VR version instead of the Oculus Rift version because it doesn’t really need positional tracking in my opinion, and it’s more convenient to be able to play it anywhere, such as while on a plane.

Here is the official page.  Here are the official pages for the Oculus Rift and for the Gear VR (please note the video shown on the Gear VR page is for the Oculus Rift and does not reflect the actual gameplay of the Gear VR).  Smashing the Battle also works for HTC Vive with Revive.