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Spacetop by Sightful: A Revolution in Augmented Reality Laptops

Ever imagined a world where your laptop screen is invisible to everyone but you? Welcome to the future of personal computing with Sightful’s Spacetop. This groundbreaking technology is not just an augmented reality (AR) laptop but a paradigm shift in how we interact with technology.


A Revolution in Augmented Reality

Harnessing the power of AR, Spacetop presents a 100-inch virtual screen, visible only to the user. The laptop, or rather the deck, includes a full-size keyboard and a hardware deck.

A pair of tailor-made NReal glasses, partnered with Sightful, completes the ensemble, projecting tabs directly in front of the user’s eyes. The result is an immersive yet private workspace that follows you wherever you look.

Spacetop Specifications

Spacetop is equipped with a Snapdragon 865 processor coupled with an Adreno 650 GPU. This technology, along with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage, is comparable to what you’d find in many modern smartphones. However, Spacetop still maintains the dimensions and weight of a traditional laptop, measuring 1.57-inches high, 10.47-inches wide, and 8.8-inches deep, and weighing 3.3 pounds.

User Experience

The Spacetop experience is unique and surprisingly natural. The device’s virtual screen provides ample room for multiple high-resolution windows, perfect for multitasking. The Spacetop OS interface, built on a custom Android-based platform, is intuitive and user-friendly, similar to a Chromebook. It supports web or cloud apps, has an app drawer, tray, and multiple window support, making navigation seamless.

Future of Computing

Sightful envisions Spacetop as a solution to the modern ‘work from anywhere’ mentality. As the lines between work and home blur, privacy becomes paramount. The AR technology provides an immersive work environment without compromising privacy.

Can It Stand the Test of Time?

While Spacetop offers an innovative and exciting alternative to traditional laptops, there are certain challenges it needs to overcome.



The success of Spacetop largely hinges on the compatibility of applications with AR technology. It might take time for software developers to catch up and design applications optimized for such an environment.

User Acceptance

Spacetop is built with the intention of offering a new way of computing for the modern workforce. It is designed for those who value portability, privacy, and the ability to work from anywhere. It’s a relatively new product, and only a small number of early adopters have had the chance to use it.


The Spacetop is priced at $2000, positioning it as a high-end product in the market. This could be a barrier for some potential users, but it’s worth noting that the device offers a unique experience and significant capabilities that could justify the price for certain users.

Field of View

Spacetop uses augmented reality glasses to project a virtual screen in front of the user. This large field of view allows users to work across multiple high-resolution windows overlaid atop the real world. This vast virtual workspace is one of the key selling points of the device. Unfortunately, no specific details regarding the exact field of view in terms of degrees are available.

Silver Lining

Despite the relatively high cost and the narrow field of view, the Spacetop device holds a lot of promise. It offers a unique blend of portability and the ability to create a large, private workspace virtually anywhere. It is a compelling demonstration of the potential of augmented reality in everyday computing. The device seems to provide a level of intuitiveness that makes it feel familiar and easy to use. The Spacetop OS allows for seamless navigation between multiple windows, and the text projected by the AR glasses is reportedly quite legible. Overall, Spacetop might just be the device to bring augmented reality into the mainstream.


The Spacetop is a bold step into the future of personal computing. It represents a paradigm shift in how we interact with technology. As Sightful refines this pioneering product and as the AR ecosystem grows, the Spacetop could well become a mainstay in our technological lives. Only time will tell if this ambitious project will change the face of personal computing as we know it.  UPDATE: take a look at our analysis of the Apple Vision Pro.


So, what will it be the future or just a dud ? 

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