Spinnable App Releases Major Update

Spinnable, the first 360 social sharing platform, has been updated to v1.6.  Here are some of the improvements:
  • Improved search and discovery.  Previous versions listed users alphabetically.  The new version prioritizes users who are more active and who upload more photos.
  • Featured content.  The app now presents the best 360 photos and videos selected by Spinnable’s editors.  To see Featured content, tap on the magnifying glass icon.
  • Better zoom control. In previous versions, pinching to zoom would zoom only as long as you held down the pinch.  In the new version, it will remain zoomed in or zoomed out, until you change the zoom.
  • URLs added.  Starting with this version, you can now get a URL of your 360 photo or video, which you can share on other platforms.  However, visiting the URL will only show a thumbnail of the 360 photo and specify that the image can only be viewed on the Spinnable app.  Spinnable developers are still working on a desktop version.  When that is released, I’m pretty sure the URL will link to a 360-viewable image.  (To get the URL, click on the “…” beside the photo, then select “Copy link.”)
  • 360 live streaming.
The update comes just in time for the 360 livestreaming of LA Fashion Week starting today at 7pm Pacific Time.

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