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Spydr MOJO pivot drone gets INCREDIBLE shots like a 360 drone but with 4x higher resolution! (update: more samples added)

Spydr MOJO pivot drone gets amazing shots
Spydr MOJO pivot drone gets amazing shots

How would you like to capture nearly impossible angles — almost like an invisible 360 camera drone — but with much higher resolution?  The Spyder MOJO is a new type of cinewhoop with a uniquely designed stabilized gimbal that lets you capture amazing angles that are nearly impossible for most other drones, at 4x higher resolution than a typical 360 camera drone, and without stitch lines.  Here are more details about the MOJO, plus incredible sample videos.

Before I show you the product video, here is a sample video from the MOJO showing shots that would normally be impossible for most drones.

As you can see from the sample video, the MOJO can get stabilized shots pointing straight down or up, and unlike the robotic flight of a DJI Mavic or other photography drone, it flies gracefully.

The secret to these angles is that MOJO is an FPV drone that carries a stabilized gimbal that can be pointed straight up or straight down.  Here is a product video that shows the MOJO in action.

Here’s another sample video:

Here’s another sample by David Knight @knightflyerfpv:

The stabilized gimbal can be operated by a 3-way switch.  It starts off level, with stabilized pitch.  You can use a 3-way switch on your controller to aim your GoPro upward or downward.

Besides enabling you to capture shots straight up or straight down, you can also fly backward and the GoPro can continue to aim forward while your quad is pitched upward.  You can also ensure that your GoPro remains level no matter what your quad’s speed.  Setting aside the ability to shoot up or down, that by itself already makes it quite useful IMHO. Here is a music video with clips shot by Knightflyerfpv with the Mojo in level mode.

In addition to its unique gimbal, the MOJO has other innovative features such as ducts that can be removed and reconfigured as prop guards, low profile ducts, or full ducts.

Spydr MOJO lets you fly with prop guards, low profile ducts or full ducts
Spydr MOJO lets you fly with prop guards, low profile ducts or full ducts

I think the Spydr MOJO would be a useful tool for cinewhoopers who want to capture unique angles that cannot be captured by most other drones.  And unlike a 360 camera drone, it can capture video at up to 4K (or even 5K with a Hero 9), which is much higher than the 1080p reframed video resolution of a 360 camera drone.  You also won’t have to worry about stitch lines.  On the downside, flying it will be a little more challenging than a typical FPV drone as you’ll have to be mindful of where your GoPro is aimed.

Spydr MOJO is available as a preassembled and pre-tuned digital BNF quad starting at $675, with Crossfire, DJI receiver, or Frsky, or as a build kit ($189) that includes the frame and the stabilized gimbal.  For more info, you can check out their Facebook page or their Facebook group.

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  • Yes, OK, fine… but it doesn’t capture 360 footage with no drone in shot… so I have a hard time calling this a 360 drone… its a nice little shooting platform, to be sure, but not 360.

    • Thanks Dimonauk. I agree and I’m not saying it is a 360 drone, but that it is “like” a 360 drone in that it can capture similar angles but of course without the ability to reframe etc.
      Best regards,