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Stabilized 360 Video with Ricoh Theta and Luuv

Image stabilization makes 360 videos look much better, as shown in a demo video by solidLuuv.   


No, we’re not advertising bongs.  This is the solidLuuv, a crowdfunded image stabilizer for small cameras (500g or less).  It has a unique design with a 3-axis gimbal and can be used with the camera on top or on the bottom of the stabilizer for low-angle shots.


Besides appealing to users of compact and action cameras, the Luuv team is also specifically targeting 360 cameras.


Luuv demonstrated how well their stabilizer works for 360 videos, using a Ricoh Theta.  Here is the video:


The solidLuuv can be preordered at a 20% discount for €199 + shipping.  If you’re interested in ordering, you can get the solidLuuv through:

You may also be interested in a similar stabilizer called Smoovie.

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