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Stabilizing the Insta360 Pro and other professional 360 cameras with the Moza Guru 360 Air: Tutorials and Demos

How to stabilize Insta360 Pro with Moza Air 360 gimbal
How to stabilize Insta360 Pro with Moza Air 360 gimbal

To get the best results for moving shots from the Insta360 Pro (reviewed here) and other professional 360 cameras, you need to use a gimbal.  Here is a demo and tutorial showing how to stabilize the Insta360 Pro and other professional 360 cameras with the Moza Guru 360 Air, the most affordable gimbal for professional 360 cameras.

Using the Moza Guru360 Air with the Insta360 Pro

Insta360 Pro is a professional 360 camera that can capture 360 video in 8K or 3D 360 video at 6.4K.   It features built-in gyro stabilization but the stabilization blurs the video whenever there is movement, partially defeating the purpose of using a high resolution professional 360 camera to begin with, which is why I never use it.  Morevoer, the stabilization does not work for 3D 360 video or photo modes.  These are just a couple of the reasons why you should use a gimbal for moving shots with the Insta360 Pro, even if it has stabilization.

The challenge is that the Insta360 Pro is kind of heavy and has a somewhat high center of gravity (even if you remove the handle/stand), therefore a gimbal must be pretty powerful to be able to stabilize it.  The most affordable gimbal that is capable of stabilizing the Insta360 Pro is the Moza Guru 360 Air, which at $699 costs less than half of the next most affordable gimbal for Insta360 Pro.  Here is GimbalGuru’s demo and tutorial for stabilizing the Insta360 Pro with the Guru 360 Air.

Other professional 360 cameras

With other professional 360 cameras, there is no gyro stabilization at all, so you really need to use a gimbal for moving shots, or else use time-consuming stabilization software.  As you can see from the playlist above, the Guru 360 Air can stabilize other popular professional 360 cameras as well, such as the GoPro Omni, Kandao Obsidian Go (I’ve also tested with Obsidian R and it will probably work with the Obsidian S as well), and the Z Cam S1 (and probably S1 Pro).  The Moza Guru 360 Air  has been delayed a bit but you can preorder now or simply create an account at to be notified when it is in stock.

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  • Was there financial compensation received for this posting? This seems more like an advertisement than an organic article. If that is indeed the case, you should write a disclosure.


    • Hi Eric. Thanks for the advice but no I didn’t get paid to write this and I don’t get any commission from the sale of moza air gimbals (at least as of now). But they are an advertiser and I do have an affiliate relationship with them for the normal Guru 360 (not the Guru 360 Air). I do also have affiliate links for other gimbals such as the Feiyu sold on Amazon.

      Anyway, I thought it’s newsworthy because it shows that their gimbal works even with the insta360 pro. Many Pro owners have been looking for a gimbal for the reasons I wrote in the article. So i’m letting them know this is the most affordable option.

      Best regards,

      • That’s good to know Mic. I apologize, then. We are also in the market for a gimbal for the Insta360 Pro but have had limited success with some of the cheaper gimbals due to the combination of weight and 360 field-of-view of the camera. (Then there is the challenge of getting an unobstructed eye-level shot) Hopefully more options will come on the market as these cameras grow in popularity.


        • Hi Eric no need to apologize. I get where you’re coming from.

          FWIW, in my posts, I try to avoid bias by presenting evidence for my statements. For example, rather than baldly asserting that Insta360 Pro owners should buy the Guru 360 Air for example, I would rather: 1) state that this is the most affordable option that I’ve found (that works with the Insta360 Pro), and 2) show a video showing that it is stabilized (as proof that it does work with the Insta360 Pro).

          Those are factual and objective statements that anyone can easily determine to be true statements, regardless of what kind of subjective bias I may have.

          I think it will be a long while before a more affordable gimbal for the Insta360 Pro is available.

          Best regards,