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Stabilizing the LucidCam 3D 180 camera with the Zhiyun Smooth Q gimbal

Stabilizing the LucidCam with a Zhiyun Smooth Q
Stabilizing the LucidCam with a Zhiyun Smooth Q

You can get stable video on the LucidCam with the very popular Zhiyun Smooth Q, which is probably the most affordable 3-axis gimbal on the market.

LucidCam is a 3D 180-degree camera with 4K resolution.  It was crowdfunded and delivered successfully to backers, and now it’s available for retail purchase.

Now, vlogger and product designer Danydanfree has developed an adapter to enable the LucidCam to be used with the Zhiyun Smooth Q.  Here is a video showing how the adapter works:

In addition to the Lucidcam, the adapter MIGHT also work for VR180 cameras.  We’ll have to wait and see.

smartphone monitor adapter for Smooth Q
smartphone monitor adapter for Smooth Q

Danydanfree also created an accessory to use your phone as a monitor while using the Lucidcam with the Smooth Q:

Danydanfree’s adapter is available here.  His smartphone adapter is available here.  The Zhiyun Smooth Q is available from Amazon, B&H Photo or Gearbest.

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