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How to stitch Ricoh Theta Z1 Raw DNG photos on iPhone with Theta Z1 Stitcher – Demo and Tutorial

How to stitch Ricoh Theta Z1 Raw DNG on your iPhone

You can now stitch Raw DNG photos from the Theta Z1 on your iPhone with the new Z1 DNG Transfer app (free) and the Z1 Stitcher ($12.99) apps, which had been available for Android and are now available for iOS.

The Ricoh Theta Z1 (reviewed here) is one of the best, if not the best, 360 camera for photos.  To get the best quality from the Theta Z1, you need to use Raw DNG for maximum dynamic range, exposure latitude, and color temperature adjustability.


Here’s a video showing how the Theta Z1 DNG Transfer works on iOS to transfer Raw DNG photos to your iPhone:

Once the DNG photos are in your iPhone, you’ll need to stitch them with the Theta Z1 Stitcher. Here’s a demo:

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  • Hi Mic thank you for the update iOS app for getting the best outcome from Ricoh Theta Z1. I am looking forward to the same experience on Android platform too. Is this available since must of the plug-in are developed on this platform