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Stitch Samsung Gear 360 photos online for free with NadirPatch stitches Samsung Gear 360 photos for free stitches Samsung Gear 360 photos for free

You can now stitch Samsung Gear 360 photos online for free with, a web-based service that offers several tools for editing 360 photos.

NadirPatch is a free web-based service for editing 360 photos, with tools for adding a watermark, patching out the tripod, or converting a spherical photo into cubes.  They’ve added a new tool for patching Gear 360 photos.  You simply upload the photo in double circular fisheye format and it will stitch it as a standard equirectangular projection.
The 2016 Gear 360 was a very good camera that took great photos and videos but was hampered by poor compatibility (it would only work with high-end Samsung phones, S6 or above, and the desktop software was only for Windows).  NadirPatch’s online tool would be useful for those who don’t have a compatible phone or desktop, and comes at a time when the 2016 Gear 360 with 30mp photos can be purchased for less than $150 at the time of this writing.

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