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Sunchip Panorama XDV360: Cheapest 4k 360 camera?

Sunchip, an OEM based in Shenzhen has a single-lens hemispherical 360 camera called the Panorama XDV360 camera, which its representative claims can capture 4k @ 30fps, at an unbelievable price.  But is there a catch?

Here are the claimed specifications:

  • one lens (hemishperical) 360 x 220 field of view
  • 12mp Sony sensor
  • video resolution: 4k @ 30fps; 1080p @ 60fps; 720p @120fps.
  • uses removable Micro SD memory
  • can be controlled via a smartphone (iOS or Android)
Here are two videos on it:
By Charbax: 

By Notebook Italia:

It is being sold on AliExpress for around $105, with free shipping to the US:

According to the AliExpress listing, they are being generous with their 4k label.   It appears that by 4k, they mean 2448 x 2448 resolution, which is about 25% less than the standard 4k resolution (3840 x 2160):
It is also unclear whether the sensor is truly 12 or 13mp.  The product brochure says the sensor is Sony 179, which seems to mean the Sony IMX179 sensor.  That could be a typo but if it really is the IMX179 sensor, it would be 1/3.2inch 8mp:
The app usefully provides 8 different views, and is available for iOS, Android, and Windows.
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