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Superbook crowdfunding campaign almost over, with over $2 million raised

A 360 tour of Mexico City with the Samsung Gear 360

Superbook, a laptop shell for Android phones, has raised over $2 million in its Kickstarter campaign.  There are just 4 days left in the campaign, so it’s your last chance to back the Superbook for $99 (+shipping), +$30 if you want to upgrade the screen to 1080p IPS.
Superbook is a laptop shell that uses your smartphone for its processing, leveraging the power of modern VR-capable smartphones.  Because the Superbook shell has no processing power or storage of its own, it is much more affordable compared to previous attempts to create a laptop dock for a smartphone.  You also won’t have to worry about syncing your data between your devices.
Please note that backing a crowdfunding project is NOT a preorder.  There’s a chance the product won’t live up to the creators’ promises or might not even be delivered at all.  On the other hand, there are also crowdfunded projects that were exactly as described.