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Suspend the Samsung Gear 360 and other 360 cameras in mid-air with this invisible adapter

photo by Robert Bull
photo by Robert Bull

Here’s an adapter that can suspend a Samsung Gear 360 or other 360 camera in mid-air with a cable, while staying out of the frame.

Sometimes, using a drone is not feasible, practical or legal for an aerial photo.  Robert Bull has created an adapter for suspending a Samsung Gear 360 or other 360 camera invisibly using a suitable cable and this line mount adapter:

photo by Robert Bull

The adapter can be used to suspend a Samsung Gear 360 with a cable, and can also be used for 360 kite aerial photography.  In these examples, Robert is using a 250-lb. fishing line.  Other lines can be used although Robert doesn’t suggest metal wires which can cause wear on the adapter.

photo by Robert Bull

Here are sample photos using the 360 camera line mount:

For videos, it hard to use the line mount unless the air is very still.  However, it is possible to attach another set of lines to tie bars on the side of the line mount for greater stability for videos, although the second set of lines will probably be visible to the 360 camera.

The line mount is made of polished bronze steel or stainless steel and is available for order here.

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