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TECHNIQUE: apply horizon correction to Insta360 Nano photos and videos using the Insta360 Air app

The horizon correction feature in the Insta360 Air app can be used to fix Insta360 Nano photos and videos as well.

A 360 photo or video with a level horizon is much easier to watch, and easier to manipulate for tiny planet photos or videos.  Here’s how to fix the horizon in your Insta360 Nano photo or video using the Insta360 Air app.  Here’s how:

1.  Transfer the Nano photo or video in .INSP or .INSV format to your Android phone’s “Insta360Air” directory, “galleryOriginal” subdirectory.

2.  Open the Album in the Insta360 Air app.  You don’t even have to disconnect your phone.

3.  Open the file and selected manual horizon correction.  In my case, you can see the horizon goes up and down like hills.

4.  Fix the horizon by adjusting the pitch, roll, and yaw.  To fix the roll, drag the arrow below the circle.  To fix the pitch, drag the image circle (or the equirectangular thumbnail on top) up or down.  To fix yaw, drag the image circle (or the equirectangular thumbnail) left or right.  In this case, I dragged the pitch up, and presto!  The horizon is now level:

As a practical matter, very few iOS users have an Android phone as well (to run the Air app).  But I’m hoping that future versions of the Nano app, or perhaps the desktop Insta360 Studio app, will also include horizon correction.

And FYI, the Air’s horizon correction option only works for photos and videos from Insta360 cameras. It does not work on non-Insta360 photos or videos.

How to level the horizon with Insta360 Air app

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  • I need this on the insta360 ONE but can’t find the manual option. There’s an automatic option that rarely works and a lot of pictures need correcting. Is there another way? Many thanks