TECHNIQUE: Easy to use tool for adding and changing photoshere metadata in Photoshop

If you want to add Photosphere metadata to your photo, or change the Photosphere metadata parameters for custom control, you can do so easily in Photoshop with this easy-to-use tool!
Photosphere metadata are standardized information that allows your 360 photo to be interpreted correctly by 360 viewers.  It includes information such as the resolution, initial point of view, the pitch and roll (to level it properly). 
Sometimes, when editing a photo, this information is lost and the image is no longer recognized as a 360 photo.  Adding Photosphere metadata allows it to again be recognized as a 360 photo.  Sometimes also, we want to have more control over the 360 photo.  Modifying the Photosphere metadata gives you this ability.
You can get a free tool for Photoshop on Turkish 360 panorama website Yalimli.com that gives you the ability to add and modify Photosphere metadata. Here is the official website.  You simply extract the Zip file into your Photoshop metadata extensions directory ( C:Users[username]AppDataRoamingAdobeXMPMetadata Extensions ) and launch or restart Photoshop.  In the file information dialog box, you’ll see a new category for Photosphere.
Here’s a basic guide for the Photosphere parameters:

Thanks to Yalimli.com for this tool and to Clay Morehoad for sharing this!


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