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Technique: end your 360 video with a 360 photo

Here’s a simple technique: if you add a 360 photo at the end of your 360 video, your viewers will be able to look around and enjoy your 360 photo after watching your video.
I used this technique in a video I took yesterday.   My family and I went skiing, and I took some photos and videos with the Nikon Keymission 360 (reviewed here).  Here’s the video I took:

BTW, one part of the video looks a little bit “foggy” — that’s because my Keymission lens got scratched and I haven’t bought a replacement lens yet.  I should have bought a lens cap!

My face looks a little foggy because my Keymission lens got scratched.

Anyway, I edited the video using Cyberlink ActionDirector (the free 360 video editor included with the Samsung Gear 360), but the same can be done with many other 360 video editors including Cyberlink PowerDirector 15 Ultra, which has the same 360 video editing capabilities as ActionDirector.

In the storyboard, I added the 360 video of us on the lift, the video of us skiing, and a 360 photo at the end of the video.  I also added a background music.  Then I rendered the video.

The result is a video that ends with the photo for your viewers to enjoy!

This technique works only on 360 sharing sites that show the last frame of the video, such as Facebook.  Other 360 video sharing sites, such as YouTube, will show related videos at the end of the video.  This technique won’t work as well for those sites (unless the viewer pauses the video when the photo shows up).

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