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TECHNIQUE: Learn how to create amazing tiny planet photo and video animations with this free software

360 Camera Technique

Insta360 Studio is a free software from Insta360 that is a surprisingly powerful tool for creating amazing tiny planet animations from your 360 videos.  Check out this new tutorial by Ben Claremont (Life in 360).

Insta360 Studio is the easiest tool I’ve found for creating tiny planet videos.   It allows you to make tiny planet videos with multiple transformations.  What’s more, it works with any standard equirectangular video, not just videos from Insta360 cameras.

Here is a video I did back in July 2016 with the Insta360 Nano that demonstrates what Insta360 Studio can do:

Making a video like the one above is easy with Insta360 Studio.  Here is a tutorial by Ben Claremont (Life in 360) showing how to use Insta360 Studio: