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TECHNIQUE: Panning a 360 camera: yes, you can!

One of the “rules” for 360 cameras is that you shouldn’t pan the camera.  Since a 360 camera sees all around it, there is logically no reason to pan the camera.  But check out this tiny planet video:


The tiny planet video is by blogger Sonal Paladini (Drifter Planet travel blog), who is new to 360 cameras.   As Sonal panned her 360 camera around, her surroundings technically did not change (it’s not like you saw more stuff or saw a different perspective), but they did rotate around her, creating an interesting effect for this tiny planet video.

This is one of the reasons why 360 photos and videos are so exciting!  While 360 panoramas have been around for a while, spherical 360 photos and videos are still a very new medium.  Many of the traditional rules and techniques of photography and videography (e.g. rule of thirds, traditional lighting techniques) don’t apply.  Instead, there are new techniques still waiting to be discovered.  And as you can see, even a beginner like Sonal can discover interesting techniques!  You too can be the next innovator for 360 photos and videos!

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