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TG20 360VR is a stabilized 360 camera rig with a built-in gimbal for aerial, handheld, or helmet use

TG20 360VR is a 360 camera rig that has a built-in gimbal.  It can be used on a drone, handheld, or even attached to a helmet.  Check out the sample videos!

As of Q1 2017, there are a small handful of stabilized gimbals for 360 camera rigs.  The TG20 360VR differs from them in that it already includes a rig for GoPro and similar cameras.  By using a rig around the motors, the TG20’s motors are outside the cameras’ field of view.

The TG20 can accommodate 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 GoPro Hero 3, 3+, or 4 (a holder for Hero 5 is coming soon).  It can also be used with the Kodak SP360 4k, or the Z-Cam E1 (with Micro Four Thirds sensor).  The TG20 can be used on a drone, monopod, dolly, jib, or even attached to a helmet.

Here are the key specifications:
Stabilizer Weight (with cameras): 1.9kg
Stabilizer Weight (without cameras): 1.1kg
Dimension: 22 x 22 x 26cm
Carbon Fiber Tube Length:  60cm
Battery life: 6 hours.
Maximum Controllable Speed:  PAN Axis 100 degree/second
Controllable Angle Of Each Axis:       PAN 360 degree
Roll  +-30 degree
Pitch +-30 degree

The TG20 can rapidly correct for movement with an accuracy within less than 0.05 degree.

It is designed to be used on a DJI S900, S1000, or Matrix 600, but can be adapted to other drones with adequate payload capacity.

Here is a video demonstrating the TG20:

Here are a couple of sample 360 videos using the TG20 gimbal:

The TG20 can also be used handheld, or on a dolly, or a helmet:

The TG20 kit includes:
1. one TG20 Stabilizer / rig
2. GoPro Camera Holder x 10
3. Carbon Fiber Tube x2 (30cm per piece)
4. Vibration Dampener Plate x1  (for DJI S900, S1000, or Matrix 600).

Because the kit already includes the rig, you only need to add GoPro cameras (plus the stitching software), and of course the drone for aerial use.

TG20 360VR costs $2,000 and is available now from retailers such as Stabilizer Pro.

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