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NEW! Standalone Theta Z1 Stitcher tutorial – fix errors instantly, Lightroom not required

Theta Z1 Standalone Stitcher fixes errors instantly
Theta Z1 Standalone Stitcher fixes errors instantly

You can fix stitching errors instantly with the new Theta Z1 Stitcher version 3.0 , the first standalone stitcher for the Ricoh Theta Z1.  Here is the tutorial:

Here is a sample comparing the photo stitched in-camera in JPG versus the same photo stitched in the standalone Theta Stitcher.

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  • Awesome! Might take awhile before I can experiment with DFE & stitchers, these makes them look easy.
    That’s also cool side-by-side 360 photo comparison. Will look for your tutorial on how to do that.
    Thanks for sharing, great job!

    • Thanks Richard! Re side by side 360 photo comparison, the easiest way is to upload two photos to a Teliportme album then just add “/split” to the album URL.