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Stabilized HD video on 1S tinywhoop FPV micro-drone with Insta360 Go

Stabilized HD video on micro-drone with Insta360 Go
Stabilized HD video on micro-drone with Insta360 Go

Did you know that you can get stabilized HD on a tinywhoop-style 1S micro-drone? Here are sample videos and a tutorial that shows how NewBeeDrone mounted an Insta360 Go (reviewed here) on their tiny 1S drone.

Last week, I posted a video of an Insta360 Go on a 4-inch drone. Now NewBeeDrone has gone one step further and mounted it to a tiny 1S micro-drone small enough to fit in your hand.

Here’s a sample video with this setup:

Here’s how they mounted the Insta360 Go on their drone:

Here are other videos with this setup:

One thing that is a bit confusing is that the host Chris said this was a Hummingbird, but he also described it as being a 1S brushless whoop.  Their website states that the Hummingbird has a less powerful brushed motor.  Moreover, the drone looked more like an Acrobee BeeBrain brushless whoop.  I’ve asked them if there is a Hummingbird brushless version and will update this post when I get their reply.

NewBeeDrone’s video gave me an idea to try a similar mount on my Tinyhawk or Tinyhawk II drones.  BTW the original Tinyhawk is on sale at Banggood at $156 for an RTF kit (meaning it includes everything — drone, radio transmitter, goggles, battery, charger) or you can get the EMax EZ Pilot, which is similar to the Tinyhawk, but is designed to be easier to fly with altitude hold flying modes and is more affordable at GearBestTinyhawk II is a new version of the Tinyhawk with a better camera, better VTX (video transmitter), more powerful motors, has LEDs around the prop guards, and can can be used either with 1S or 2S battery for outdoor flying.

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  • Hey wanted to clarify the hummingbird we have hummingbird brushless and BeeBrain brushless I use them both for the 1s go setup. Basically we used the hummingbird first as it is lighter but also use the BeeBrain all the time, the small weight difference actually didn’t make much of a difference at all. I would recommend 18k motors on 1s as o can get 2+mins of flight with the go onboard. Hope that helps and thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks DZ! Is there a Hummingbird Brushless BNF or RTF? I don’t have the skills to assemble a quad yet 😀