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Tripod adapter for Kodak SP360 4k Dual Pro

This tripod adapter for the Kodak SP360 4k Dual Pro allows you to use the SP360 4k Dual Pro bracket with a standard tripod, without any need for modification.

The Kodak SP360 4k Dual Pro uses a bracket that has a GoPro-style adapter, which allows it to be used with a variety of action accessories.  However, sometimes, a tripod works better than an action-style mount.  To use the Dual Pro bracket with a standard tripod, I like this tripod adapter, which works with the bracket without modification.

It’s made of solid aluminum and has grooves for easy gripping.

The base of the tripod adapter rotates 360 degrees, with detents around 30 degrees.  However, if you pull the base from the adapter, you can swivel it freely then release it to switch back to the detents.  I should note that the spring that holds the base to the adapter takes moderate force to pull.

One disadvantage of this tripod adapter is that even when the screw is tightened to its maximum, the bracket won’t be rigid.  There’s enough friction for it to stay in position even when angled, but I wouldn’t rely on it to maintain the angle if the bracket is nudged or bumped.  Another disadvantage is that the selfie stick that comes included with the SP360 4k Dual Pro uses a GoPro mount only, so you’ll need a different selfie stick when using this tripod adapter.

Nonetheless this tripod adapter is a useful accessory for the Kodak SP360 4k Dual Pro.  The tripod adapter is available from Amazon here, as is the SP360 4k Dual Pro.

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