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Crowdfunded 3D 360 camera TwoEyes VR discontinued

TwoEyes VR discontinued
TwoEyes VR discontinued

TwoEyes VR announced that their crowdfunded 3D 360 camera will no longer be produced.

TwoEyes VR was a crowdfunded 3D 360 camera that sought to become the most affordable 3D 360 camera on the market at only $199.  It had a pair of lenses on each side, with each pair separated by 65mm, which is the approximate average distance between most people’s eyes.

TwoEyes VR
TwoEyes VR

Their Kickstarter campaign launched in 2017 and it looked like they had some functional prototypes.

Delivery was scheduled for August 2017.  They were giving updates until as recently as March 2020.  However, CEO Hunjoo Song announced today that their corporation is now suspended and that they are going to try to issue refunds to their backers.   Mr. Song didn’t say if they would try to sell their design to another company.

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  • I am not surprised at all. Their original sample clip was horrendous. Not only poor IQ but total lack of sync and serious audio problems. The updates looked like just a repeat of the original info.

    The one thing that made people believe it would actually materialize was the changes in design over the first two years which implied progress and a more advanced design. But many supporters saw through that, especially when some noticed that the few updates two years down the line was pretty much the same as the first few ones.

    • Yes I gave up on them in 2018 when they kept giving updates that appeared to be stalling for time. Looking for investors, probably.

  • I only tried once to participate in a kickstarter project and I will never do it again in my entire life. I lost all my money. This is the only way I discovered that the Kickstarter platform gives no guarantees and no coverage. Nice business! They pocket the percentages for all published projects, without any risk !! What a shit system. Stay away !!

    • I agree, it is unfair to those who paid money to the campaign. Kickstarter should at least refund their commission whenever a project fails. It’s the least that they can do.

  • Another Chinese company not coming through. You would have thought I learned my lesson with the DetuMax screw job, but no I went for this one too. At least I’m only out a couple hundred instead of thousands. I’ve lost faith in these small Chinese startups.

    • Hi Michael. To be fair, TwoEyes VR is a Korean company. Anyway, I too ordered this one. I don’t know how much of it they will refund. We’ll see. In general, it appears that crowdfunding with cutting edge products carries a high risk of failure.