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Understanding RICOH THETA V Plug-ins: how to add new features to your Theta

I invited Jesse Casman from theta360.guide, the news and information site for THETA users, to help discuss THETA V plug-ins. Plug-ins are optional apps you can install in the Theta V that can add new functions. You can activate or deactivate a plugin anytime and, and you can choose different plug-ins using the Theta smartphone or desktop app.

The RICOH THETA V is a great camera. It takes 4K images and video, streams 4K live video, records spatial audio, and a lot more. It is the best selling 360° camera for many reasons, and it has been covered extensively on 360rumors.

What makes THETA unique? Plug-ins! The THETA V plug-ins are an incredible way to turn your camera into something different, something that does exactly what you want, with just a press of a button.

Use the File Cloud Upload plug-in, for example, and you can upload all images from your camera over Wi-Fi to Google Photos just by pressing one button. Very useful.

Ricoh Theta V cloud upload plug-in
Ricoh Theta V cloud upload plug-in

In the future, we expect developers and creators to build plug-ins for many different specific uses. For now, let’s start with the File Cloud Upload plug-in, since getting pictures off of a camera quickly is an extremely useful feature. If you want more information on other plug-ins please let Mic or me know, down in the comments.

Fun Stuff

Here’s a video where I’m using the File Cloud Upload plug-in to easily upload files and view them in HTC Vive. You don’t need to get this full demo up and going to find the plug-in useful. But it’s just an example of how easily you can upload 360° images from the camera. Basically in real-time up into VR goggles. Pretty cool!

Uploading Files Easily

Ok, let’s get started. Here’s the full File Cloud Upload Overview. Try going through it step by step. This User Guide will walk you through Configuration, Upload, Google Photos, and Troubleshooting. If you have any issues, ask the community at theta360.guide. We’ll try and help you get up and going!

Ricoh Theta V plugin guide
Ricoh Theta V plugin guide

Hang on, get this down first

There are three main setup things you need to do. If you understand these three main tasks, you’ll be up and running quickly. Or, at least, you’ll be able to figure out where you’re getting stuck quicker and get help.

First: Connect the THETA to the local Wi-Fi network. Connecting this way is called Client Mode.

Second: Get the authorization code for the plug-in for Google Photos. You do this once with a web browser.

Third: Input the authorization code. You do this once through with a web browser.

The Big Hint

Since you can use the THETA mobile app to switch the camera over to Client Mode and do lots of other setup, you may be tempted to continue to configuring through the mobile app. While I believe this is perfectly possible, it makes all the steps longer and harder. For me, anyway. I strongly recommend you use the THETA desktop app to upgrade firmware, choose the plug-in, and especially use a regular web browser to configure Google Photos the first time.

Main User Guide

Here’s the full File Cloud Upload Overview. This User Guide will walk you through Configuration, Upload, Google Photos, and Troubleshooting.


RICOH THETA Partner Program

THETA Plug-in Store



We’ve got a great event for Android enthusiasts this week, Thurs, Aug 30, 6pm, in San Francisco, covering RICOH THETA V from a bunch of different angles.

More info and how to RSVP here: https://community.theta360.guide/t/ricoh-theta-v-plug-in-microconference-san-francisco-thurs-aug-30-evening/3335?u=jcasman

RICOH THETA is an Android-based device, and you can fully program it! We’ll be covering how to create plug-ins (your Android app installed in the camera) to completely take over functionality of the camera.

360 degrees is used in a wide range of industries. VR/AR, Construction, VFX, Real Estate, Law Enforcement, Auto Sales, and more.

Plus pizza, drinks and friends. For those completing the tutorial, we’ll be giving out the stitching program for free!

Great way to work on a specific Android device. Hope to see you in person!


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