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V360 360 video editing app released, new features added

V360 360 video editing app
V360 360 video editing app

360 video editing app V360, which was previously in beta, has now released a full version of its app, with several improvements.

V360 was the first app to enable 360 shooters to combine several 360 videos into a montage.  It is easy to use and allows 360 shooters to edit their videos on the road, without having to wait to get back to their desktop PCs.  Here is an introduction to V360:

The release version of the app (version 1.0) is now available.  The new version is faster, more stable and added several new features, including:
+ Library of music
+ Gyro navigation
+ Larger preview
+ Mix Music and sound from the video (instead of replacing the sound completely)
+ Automatic trimming
+ New filters
+ The ability to duplicate clips
+ New UI design

You can download V360 for free on the Google Play store.  The iOS version is not yet available but you can sign up to be notified on  If you like the app, you can upvote them on producthunt.