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Valve adds asynchronous reprojection to HTC Vive

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     Valve has updated the HTC Vive’s SteamVR software to add its version of asynchronous timewarp.
     To allow VR to run on lower-end hardware, Oculus uses asynchronous timewarp (ATW), which makes up for dropped frames through interpolation.  It allows headset tracking to run more smoothly than would otherwise be possible on lower-end hardware.  ATW is used both in the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.
     Now, Valve has updated SteamVR Beta to add its version of ATW for the HTC Vive.  Valve calls its technique asynchronous reprojection and describes it as being “very similar” to ATW.
     One limitation of ATW and presumably reprojection is that it only works for head rotation movements.  To complement ATW, Oculus also recently added asynchronous spacewarp (ASW), which is similar to ATW except that it works for x, y and z-axis movement.  Valve has not yet announced whether it would add a similar capability for the HTC Vive.
     Thanks to reader David Grass for bringing this to my attention!