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Vantrix partners with SpiderCam and Eye-Live to provide Live 360 for Sports and Concerts

Vantrix recently launched its Vantrix 360 system for capturing live 360 video and today announced partnerships with Spydercam, a leading provider of cable cams, and Eye-Live Media, which is creating the Athletes’ Broadcast Network for showcasing athletes through wearable technologies.
Vantrix 360 is an end-to-end system for capturing broadcast-quality live 360 video.  The Vantrix 360 system includes a camera, control station, cloud processing, and a viewer.  The Vantrix camera uses a 360 x 182-degree hemispherical lens that requires no stitching, thus simplifying the postprocessing.  Besides giving viewers a VR view, they can also see scoreboards and statistics.  Vantrix will showcase the Vantrix 360 system at IBC2016 in Amsterdam from September 9-13.
With Vantrix’s partnership with Spydercam, Vantrix will be able to capture aerial 360 footage for sports, concerts and major events.
Vantrix also announced a partnership with Eye-Live Media.  Vantrix and Eye-Live will use 180- and 360-degree cameras mounted on sports gear to provide VR point-of-view perspectives live to viewers.  Athletes can monetize videos of their performances, and can also use the 360 view for training and coaching.
With these strategic partnerships, viewers will have more access to 360 views of sports and events.