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Ricoh spin-off Vecnos is creating a 360 camera as slim as a pen

Vecnos 360 camera
Vecnos 360 camera

Ricoh Company Ltd., which created the popular Ricoh Theta, is spinning off a new subsidiary called Vecnos, which will create a new 360 camera that is as slim as a pen.

Vecnos was founded in 2019 by members of the core team that created the Ricoh Theta and will be led by Shu Ubukata, and will focus on innovation.

Vecnos’ first camera is designed for selfies and will be targeted toward younger consumers.  The camera will have four lenses – three lenses on the side plus one more lens on top – yet will still manage to have an ultra-slim pen form factor.

Here is the concept video for Vecnos’ first camera:

Vecnos stated that the camera will be available in 2020.  Price and specifications have not yet been announced.

Meanwhile, according to Vecnos representatives, the Ricoh Theta line of cameras will remain with Ricoh.

Here is the official Vecnos website.  What do you think of the new camera?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments!  (Please note that to avoid spam, comments are moderated and might not immediately appear.)

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