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VR news bulletin for the week of June 10-15, 2019

Samsung Odyssey vs. Oculus Rift S

Here are some of the VR news and highlights from this week.

SteamVR now has full support for Oculus Rift S.  Previously, if you use Rift S for SteamVR games, you would get a message saying you’re using an incompatible headset.  And in VR, you would see the original Touch controllers instead of the Rift S Touch controllers.  Both of these issues have been rectified in SteamVR.  SteamVR also enabled a higher resolution for Rift S.  If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a comparison between Rift S and Samsung Odyssey.

Virtual Desktop with SteamVR streaming
Virtual Desktop with SteamVR streaming

Virtual Desktop with SteamVR lives on! Earlier this week, Oculus generated some controversy by forcing Virtual Desktop’s developer to remove SteamVR streaming, which otherwise would enable the Oculus Quest to be used to play SteamVR games.  Fortunately, you can still use Virtual Desktop for SteamVR streaming by sideloading the previous APK using SideQuest.

Vader Immortal for Oculus Rift
Vader Immortal for Oculus Rift

Vader Immortal is coming to Rift / Rift S on June 20 with cross-buy support.  Vader Immortal is a game in the Star Wars universe where you play an as-yet undefined role in a story revolving around Darth Vader.  It’s probably the best-looking game on Oculus Quest (reviewed here).   It’s quite short but it’s my favorite game for the Quest so far and I’m glad it’s coming to Rift / Rift S with cross-buy (buying it for Quest will give you the Rift version as well, and vice-versa).  This also means that it will also be available for HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality through Revive.  I am curious to see if the graphics will look even better, as they should.

Oculus Rift S audio update will improve audio quality.  Oculus announced that they’re working on an update that will improve the audio quality for Rift S.

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