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VR Padding: a more comfortable and hygienic facepad for the Gear VR, and soon for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

VR Padding is a replacement facepad for the Samsung Gear VR (reviewed here).  It is designed to be more comfortable and hygienic than the stock foam pads.   

It’s made of made of medium weight quality pleather and high density polyurethane foam, and is made in the USA.  Compared to the stock facepad, it has a larger surface area that distributes the pressure more evenly across your face for greater comfort.  The pleather is nonporous and won’t absorb sweat, so it’s more hygienic and can easily be wiped for cleaning.  
VR Padding fits both the consumer edition and the 2016 edition.
VR Padding comes in two sizes (regular or large), and both sizes are compatible with the Gear VR consumer edition and the 2016 edition.  VR Padding is working on a version for the Oculus Rift (impressions) and HTC Vive (reviewed here).
VR Padding is available direct from the manufacturer.  They currently have a promo for a 25% discount ($18 instead of $24) for one facepad or two facepads for $28.