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VRDL360 update: new sample 360 photo; review samples being sent out


VRDL360 has begun sending out review samples of its impressive 360 camera! You can also check out a new low light sample photo.

VRDL360 is a crowdfunded 360 camera with 7K photos and 3K video that has high image quality yet is affordable. It was successfully funded on Indiegogo with almost 5 times its campaign goal.  Thus far, its sample photos have been quite impressive.

VRDL360 samples
VRDL360 samples

They posted an update announcing that the first batch of review samples have been assembled and are being sent out for testing and feedback.  According to their representative, I should receive a test unit within the next couple of weeks or so.  I will definitely post samples when I receive it!

Meanwhile, here is a new sample photo, at 7000 x 3500 resolution:

It’s a low light photo and it looks very detailed, with very good dynamic range and low noise, and flawless stitching.  It’s an impressive sample for low light (you can compare it to the low light sample posted by Ricoh for the Theta V).  I believe the photo was taken with a slow shutter at a low ISO, because one of the trees looks like it may have been swaying in the breeze (I don’t think it’s a stitching error). — (Update: the photographer Rao Jinhe confirmed that the shutter speed was 5 seconds, so this is not unusual.  It also confirms that the VRDL360 is capable of slow shutter speeds.)

tree blur

Could the VRDL360 be a surprise sleeper hit camera like the Xiaomi…? :O  At this point, it’s looking very possible!  We’ll see!

The other exciting update is that VRDL360 said the delivery date will be in October.  That is one month later than the original projected date of September, but compared to other crowdfunding projects, that’s absolutely remarkable!  If they do deliver by then, they would be one of the more successful crowdfunding campaigns for 360 cameras.  VRDL360 is currently available for preorder from their website, at a discount. Thank you very much to Kuba for bringing this story to my attention!

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  • Mic, this looks very promising and awesome!!! I think the best thing is to rest for a couple of months before buying a new cam and just see what’s coming up in this 360 gag. Insane cameras popping up from nowhere all the time. But there must be a limit somewhere at a time…ahhhhh…so fun to live in this time of electronic inventions!!!

  • That low light shot looks phenomenal! I would have bet it was with a dslr. I don’t know why there are light flares.

    It says it has a gyroscope but it doesn’t say it in big enough letters to be excited by such an amazing feature.

    I am skeptical as to why they don’t have a sample video on their site. Also the sample shots on the website all look a little over exposed, varying levels of sharpness and with some noise in normal daylight. Either the sample shots were from an earlier prototype or the night time shot is completely different camera.

  • to be honest, the insta360 one sample pictures doesn’t look as good as the sample pictures from the VRDL360. I was really dissapointed when i saw the insta360 one sample pictures on their website.

    • Never judge a book my its cover. It’s not really about how it looks on the outside…most cell phones look pretty similar from 5ft away, but as we know, it has to do with more with the hardware, software and programming. As far as it being cheap, my MI Sphere performs better than all of the 360 camera’s I’ve owned (5)…but it cost less than all of them (other than the software).

  • Interesting camera without a 1/4 screw socket at the nadir, but uses “bear hug” clip.
    It will be the total user expeience, from HW, preview, transfer, processing and sharing. Ricoh is not too arrogant for no reason.

  • Hi everybody,
    it seems that the company put all the money from the supportes in her pocket and nobody will get a camera ever. They don´t answer and there are no news. Companys like VRDL360 destroy the platform Indiegogo.

    Beware, don´t by from their website.

    Merry X´mas

    • Merry Christmas Peter. fwiw I got a review sample which I plan to test further. But i don’t know where they are in terms of sending the cameras to the backers.
      Best regards,