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Vuze XR Review and Comparison posted!

For more information on the Vuze XR, pls. check the main article.

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  • As always, an excellent review, Mic! One thing I’ve not seem mentioned is the sound quality of the recordings. I used a Vuze XR and an Insta360 One X to record fireworks at Disney World. Both did an adequate job with the video (not great, but fireworks are tough), but the Vuze XR did an absolutely undeniably better job with the audio. The fireworks sound was much closer to how it really sounded, and I was quite impressed.

    • In Ben Claremont’s review of the EVO, he mentions that the Vuze XR has four microphones while the EVO and One X have two.

      Might have something to do with it…

  • Hi Mic,

    I watched your excellent review. Enjoyable and pertinent as always. I do have a few questions and comments. The first question of course is about those sample clips that you “point to” in the video. But you are in fact pointing to nothing. In other words, there is no link in the location where you point and I checked your recent clip posts and none of them are the samples. Have the sample clips not been uploaded yet ?

    My next question is: What is that thing that only the XR does ? Were you referring to the exposure blending ?

    Next some comments: I noticed that at the 12-minute mark you refer to 3D 180 as “VR180”. To the best of my knowledge, none of these cameras except for the Mirage are VR180-certified. In fact, I get the impression that most of the companies introducing cameras with a 3D 180 mode are not that interested in submitting to Google’s vision of it. Mind you I did notice Vuze mention something about VR180. So, are they certified or not ? I don’t think the EVO is VR180-certified either.

    At any rate, one good reason to use the terminology “3D 180” instead of VR180 is that most people hearing VR180 actually don’t realize that it’s actually 3D and I think every opportunity should be taken to make it plainly clear that this is 3D.

    My next comment is in regards the Yi Horizon. We are all trying to be optimistic and hopeful that Yi will finally release the Horizon. But the truth is that if you take a look at Yi’s recent productions, they are entirely focused on home security and car security cameras. They have absolutely no new products relating to real photography (not to mention VR or 3D) and their pages on such products are not updated.

    The next problem is that, given the competition that has entered this field, Yi can’t just bring out the same camera they showed in 2018. It will need to get updated with better sensors and, an interchangeable battery ! But at this point, this looks all very unlikely. It’s unfortunate because this remains my favorite design due to the LCD live display that also allows one to adjust all setting directly on the camera. I rather hope some other company will make a copycat design improved on the original – just like the EVO is a copy of the Kodak 3D Pivot !