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Walkabout Worlds uses a consumer 360 camera to create a true 360 VR video with 6 degrees of freedom!

true 360 VR Video with 6 degrees of freedom
true 360 VR Video with 6 degrees of freedom

Walkabout Worlds has demonstrated a 360 video with six degrees of freedom (you can walk around in it), captured with a consumer 360 camera!

360 videos are sometimes called VR videos or 360 VR videos to the chagrin of [real] VR developers. The truth is that 360 videos are not VR, because you can look around (3 degrees of freedom) but it does not have 6 degrees of freedom. Your perspective does not change if you move up/down, left/right, or forward/backward.

At CES 2017, Intel demonstrated a true VR video that has 6 degrees of freedom, which is captured using a 360 camera rig equipped with LiDAR for volumetric video capture capability. See this demo.

Walkabout Worlds, however, has managed to create a 360 video with 6 degrees of freedom, using a consumer 360 camera.  Here is their demo video:

The video was created using a Samsung Gear 360, and the 360 video was mapped onto a static 3D model.  Walkabout Worlds has generously made the demo available so you can try it yourself (Windows only).

Meanwhile, you can use a 360 camera to create 3D models that you can explore, through the Walkabout Worlds app  (Android).  You can also check out their official page and their Facebook page.

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