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Waterproof housing for the Insta360 Nano

waterproof housing for Insta360 Nano
waterproof housing for Insta360 Nano

You can use the Insta360 Nano in wet environments (and probably underwater) with this water-resistant housing.

360 photos and videos in water or underwater can be fun.  You can use the Insta360 Nano for photos and videos in water with the Ricoh TH-1, a water resistant housing for the Ricoh Theta (the TH-1 is discontinued but the Ricoh TH-2 appears identical).  Apparently, the TH-1 can also fit the Insta360 Nano if you use the Nano Mount tripod adapter ($30 to $35; reviewed here).


Here is how a video from the Nano looks when used with this housing.

The case adds quite a bit of glare and reduces contrast, so I wouldn’t use it unless I had to.

Ricoh says the TH-1 and TH-2 are not waterproof and only have an IPX7 water resistance but I’ve tried submerging it in a bucket of water and the water did not enter it.  There’s also a couple of 360 videos on YouTube of the TH-1 being used underwater at a shallow depth (videos by Danny Chung):

Please note also that the refraction changes the effective focal length of the lenses and makes the stitch much rougher.
I plan to try the Nano with the TH-1 case the next time we go swimming!

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