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Win a Ricoh Theta V with Ricoh’s 360 photo contest!

Theta V microphone accessory TA-1
Ricoh Theta V shown with microphone accessory TA-1

You can win a brand new Ricoh Theta V (with 4K video resolution) in Ricoh’s 360 photo contest!

The original Ricoh Theta was my first 360 camera and is still one of my favorite cameras for its exposure controls and best-in-class stitching.   A couple of weeks ago, Ricoh announced the Ricoh Theta V, the long-awaited 4K version of the Ricoh Theta (see details here), and now you can have a chance to win it!

Ricoh is holding a 360 photo contest — you simply have to use the Ricoh Theta S or Theta SC to shoot a 360 photo (it seems there isn’t a specific theme).  Submit the photo via the comments to the Facebook post below.  The contest is open to anyone but due to legal restrictions, only US residents are eligible to win the prize.  The contest ends in just three days (on September 15, 10:00am EST)!

Here is the post:

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  • If I were a 360 camera manufacturer, I would hold a contest that awarded one of ‘our’ new cameras to the author of the worst 360 photo, instead of the best. After all, who could use the camera more?

    Of course, wording of the contest would have to be done carefully, to prevent people from manipulating the stitching, color, or other factors, in order to prevent purposely bad photos.

    • Well that’s certainly thinking out of the box, Rich. Some would say contests like this are also to crowdsource photos so that might be one of the reasons they want the best photos.

      Best regards,