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Wunder360 S1 360 camera with 3D Reconstruction: hands-on first impressions and sample videos and photos (updated July 10, 2018)

Hands-on report on Wunder360 S1 with sample videos and photos
Hands-on report on Wunder360 S1 with sample videos and photos

Wunder360 S1 is a stabilized 360 camera with unique features including 3D reconstruction and multiple-exposure videos.  Here are my hands-on first impressions.  12/25/18 update: Wunder360 S1 now appears to be available via retail but they still haven’t shipped to Indiegogo backers.

The 360 camera market is quite crowded with many cameras with specifications and features that are similar to each other.  Wunder360 S1 is a camera that distinguishes itself from the competition with unique features that could be very useful in certain industries, as you’ll see below.  It launched successfully on Indiegogo, meeting its crowdfunding objective within minutes.

Here are more details about the Wunder360 S1.

Wunder360 S1 hands-on first impressions
Wunder360 S1 hands-on first impressions

Wunder360 S1 Specifications

Field of view:fully spherical
Sensorsunspecified Sony CMOS
Video resolution: 3040 x 1520 @ 30fps
2160 x 1080 @ 60fps
Photo resolution: 4096 x 2048
Live streamingYes
Stabilization9-axis IMU
Wi-Fi connectivity802.11 b/g/n
2.4ghz / 5ghz
Storage:Micro SD
Connection:Micro USB
Battery:1200 mAh removable
Dimensions (approx):74mm x 50mm x 35mm
Weight:98 grams
Price: $299 ($129 early bird)


Special Features



Wunder360 S1 stands out from the competition with two features that have never been available yet in a consumer 360 camera: 3D reconstruction and a multi-exposure video mode which they call Phantom Clipper.

3D Reconstruction

The 3D reconstruction feature uses videogrammetry / photogrammetry to generate 3D models from 360 videos or a series of 360 photos.  The user takes a 360 video (or several 360 photos), uploads it to the cloud service, which generates a 3D point cloud.  The 3D point cloud can in turn be converted into various types of 3D models, including a Minecraft model, if you wish.  Here is a video that talks about the 3D reconstruction capability, including its applications for virtual tours and architecture:

Here is a video showing the 3D model:

Here is an actual sample 3D model (the orientation is wrong but you get the idea):

Here is a 3D model from outdoors, showing a Thai temple:

Because the conversion process is very demanding, it requires a cloud-based server to process.  The cloud service is free for the first year with the purchase of the camera.  I’m still confirming the cost after that (Francois said it will be $89 annually).  I’ll test this feature and upload a 3D sample as soon as I can.

Phantom Clipper

Another unique feature of the S1 camera is that it can make a multiple exposure video to show motion:

Besides being fun, this feature could be useful for athletes and performers who want to analyze their movements.

Other features

The S1 also has other features including realtime stitching, live streaming, stabilization, and subject tracking.  Here’s a video showing the subject tracking in action:

The S1 is not waterproof, but there is an optional waterproof case.  I will definitely test out these other features as well.

Wunder360 S1 Sample 360 videos and photos

Here is a sample 360 video montage from the S1, from samples provided by the company:

Here are sample photos from the Wunder360 S1.  They show good dynamic range, and natural-looking colors.  The stitching is reasonably good, although in some shots there is a noticeable pinch in the zenith (the top of the photosphere).

First impressions


Wunder360 sent me a unit for testing, which I just got today.  So far it seems compact and pocketable, with solid build quality.

Startup takes a bit longer than I’d like.  You have to hold down the power button for around 3 seconds.  Then there you have to wait for the startup sequence (takes around 10 more seconds).

The app is already available on the Google Play Store and iTunes.  The on-camera menu is easy to navigate, with just four buttons.  The app is simple, sensible and user-friendly.  I was able to connect to my camera without any problems.  Note: the default Wi-Fi password is 12345678.

UPDATE: As of December 25, 2018, stabilization has been underwhelming, and the image quality is below par for 2018.  The 3d reconstruction doesn’t seem available yet.  Meanwhile, Wunder360 S1 now appears to be available on retail but they still haven’t shipped to Indiegogo backers.

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