X720 is a low cost fully spherical 2k camera

X720 is a low-cost fully spherical camera with 2k video.

Last year, most entry-level 360 cameras from Chinese manufacturers were hemispherical.  This year, an increasing proportion of them are fully spherical.  The ZXS-X720 is one of these low-cost 360 cameras, and actually its video resolution is almost 3k (see the specs below).

Here are the key specs:
– two 220-degree fisheye lenses; fully spherical field of view
– two 8-megapixel OV4689 sensors
– Allwinner V3 processor
– photo resolution: 16 megapixels
– video resolution: 2816 x 1408 30fps
– battery life: 90 minutes of video
– micro SD up to 64GB
– available in black, white, silver, gold, yellow, and blue

I don’t know the retail price yet, but the wholesale price is $80 with a minimum order of 50 pieces.


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