You can now connect the Ricoh Theta to a Sony Playstation VR

You can now connect the Ricoh Theta S or Theta SC to a Playstation 4 to see your Theta photos and videos in VR with a Sony Playstation VR (reviewed here).

Ricoh and Sony announced that you can now view photos and videos on the Ricoh Theta S or Theta SC directly with a Playstation VR, without having to transfer the photos or videos to a memory card.

You will need to update the Theta S/SC to the latest firmware, and you need to update the free Media Player app on the PS4 to the latest version. 
1.  Once the Theta and Media Player are updated, you connect the Theta by turning it off, and connecting it via USB to the PS4. 
2.  You then hold down the Wi-Fi button on the Theta until the LED on the camera starts flashing.
3.  On Media Player, a list will popup and you select “Ricoh Company, Ltd. RICOH THETA S” (or SC, as the case may be).
4.  On Media Player’s options menu, look for “VR Mode” and switch it to “On.”
5.  Choose the photo or video that you want to see.

I think this is a very useful feature.  Seeing photos and videos in VR with a real VR headset (not Google Cardboard) changed the way I take photos and videos.  Whereas I used to be interested in tiny planets and rabbit holes, after seeing photos and videos in VR, I became more interested in spherical photos and videos.  Here’s the difference.

With this feature, I think a few PSVR owners thinking of getting a 360 camera might consider getting a Theta S or Theta SC to capture their memories in VR.

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