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You can now disable the vertical orientation sensor for 360 racing and other videos on the Ricoh Theta

The gyroscopic vertical orientation sensor on the Ricoh Theta and some 360 cameras is usually an essential tool to make sure the photo or video is easier to view.  Here is a sample when the automatic orientation is disabled:

Legoland airplane ride – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

As you can see, rotating the image is difficult.

However, sometimes you wouldn’t want the orientation sensor.  For example, in this car racing video, you’ll see that as the car makes hard turns, the gyro sensor responds and the screen tilts:

The vertical orientation could be toggled for photos but could not be disabled for videos.  Now, Ricoh has listened to its customers and added an option to disable the vertical orientation correction in videos.  The option is available only on the desktop Theta software.  When converting the movie, you can now select whether to turn off the slant top/bottom correction.

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  • Where in the Desktop software can you turn that auto-tilt “feature” off? On the Mac, is it the checkbox under the Display menu called “Navigation”?