You can now get a demo of the Oculus Touch with the Oculus Rift

You can now demo the Oculus Touch at Best Buy at various locations around the US!  Here’s the link to schedule your demo.
Oculus Touch is the long-awaited motion controller for the Oculus Rift.  It differs from the motion controller of the HTC Vive in that the Touch is able to simulate finger tracking using touch-sensitive (capacitive) buttons.  For example, if thumb isn’t resting on the joystick or one of the buttons, then the Rift infers that your thumb is lifted.
I’ve demo’d the Rift previously but I’m going to demo it again tomorrow and check out the Oculus Touch.  I’ll post my impressions.
Meanwhile, Oculus Touch is available for preorder ($199) for release on December 6.  The package includes two Touch controllers and an extra sensor, which can be used for 360-degree tracking.  You can buy a third sensor to get room scale VR.

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