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You can now pre-order the Playstation 4 Pro on Amazon!

The new Sony Playstation 4 Pro is now available for pre-order from Amazon!  Update: Now also available from B&H.
Just to recap, it offers the following advantages:
– if you have a 4k display, you can play games with 4k and HDR.  Older games will be patched to add PS4 Pro support.
– if you have a 1080 display, you can play games with enhanced graphics
– with Playstation VR, you will get higher framerates and/or more detail
– the HDD is 1 TB instead of 500 GB
Amazon shows a launch date of “Dec. 29, 2017,” which seems to be a typo.  The actual release date is November 10, 2016. EDIT: Amazon has updated the release date to November 10.

I don’t have a PS4 yet but I’ve ordered the Playstation VR.  I decided to order the PS4 Pro as well even though it means I won’t be able to use the PSVR until the PS4 Pro arrives.  I think in this case, a little patience will pay off dividends for several years.